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Cotton Stockinettes

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GeniMedical’s lightly ribbed cotton stockinettes are made of 100% unbleached cotton and come individually wrapped on a roll.


Product sizing
Product code Product name Size
GM030 Cotton Stockinettes 2,5 x 2280 cm
GM031 Cotton Stockinettes 5,0 x 2280 cm
GM032 Cotton Stockinettes 7,5 x 2280 cm
GM033 Cotton Stockinettes 10,0 x 2280 cm
GM039 Cotton Stockinettes 12,5 x 2280 cm
GM034 Cotton Stockinettes 15,0 x 2280 cm
GM035 Cotton Stockinettes 20,0 x 2280 cm
GM036 Cotton Stockinettes 25,0 x 2280 cm
GM037 Cotton Stockinettes 30,0 x 2280 cm
GM038 Cotton Stockinettes 35,0 x 2280 cm

100% cotton

High-quality natural product, made of a soft and breathable material.


Breathable materials are more comfortable and stop patients from developing skin rashes.


High quality, down to the details. We offer a wide range of accessories to complete our product portfolio.

Professional resources for healthcare professionals

GeniMedical provides healthcare professionals in hospitals in the Netherlands and abroad with orthopaedic products. Since we have these products in stock, we can deliver them quickly. In addition, we focus on developing new and innovative products.

To us, being customer-oriented means listening well to our clients and ensuring that we meet their requirements to the best of our ability. We attain this goal by ensuring that we are readily accessible, have a compact organisation and always seek to find the best possible solutions.

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