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Who we are

Martin Geneuglijk

I trained as a teacher, but soon found myself more interested in building up a career in commerce. For many years, I was a sales and marketing manager with an international organisation which marketed orthopaedic products. Co-founding GeniMedical was long-time dream come true. My job on the GeniMedical team is to sell our innovative solutions to organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Lucienne Geneuglijk-Nievelstein

I was originally a physiotherapist, and practised as such in several countries for quite a few years, with great joy. Since I was interested in exploring other aspects of my profession, I then held a commercial position at an international medical company, which is where I developed the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. In 1998, this resulted in the foundation of GeniMedical. I am responsible for GeniMedical’s marketing, product development, ICT system and general management.

Raymond Nievelstein

After obtaining my degree in engineering from Delft University of Technology, I was a project manager at several international engineering agencies for many years, working mainly in the fields of the petroleum industry and the environment. Once I had gained this extensive experience and developed a wish to become an entrepreneur, I established GeniMedical in 1998, along with my partners. I am responsible for GeniMedical’s purchasing, logistics, finance and general management.

How we make the difference

In the late 1990s we noticed that suppliers of orthopaedic products were not properly taking into account hospitals’ changing needs, particularly in the fields of innovation and cost containment. By responding to these needs, we developed into an important international supplier to this niche market.

International network

In addition to direct sales to organisations located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and Austria, we supply our products to dealers in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, Ireland, Great Britain and the Netherlands Antilles, among other places.

People first

We support our direct customers with innovative and cost-efficient products and materials. In association with hospitals and healthcare professionals, we seek to develop the best solutions for various types of patients.

Reliable partner

Our highly professional organisation has been customer- and service-oriented right from the start. We have to be, in order to be a reliable partner to clients and suppliers and develop long-term partnerships with them.

Customer-oriented range of products

Our wide range of products is geared to our customers’ requirements and comprises products and materials for orthopaedics departments, plaster technicians, operating theatres and hospitals’ emergency departments.

The power of innovation

GeniMedical not only supplies products, but develops them. We wish to contribute to the development of smarter treatments and rehabilitation therapies, greater comfort for patients, and smart solutions to help healthcare providers contain costs.