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Colour-coded ring straps

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GeniMedical’s colour-coded ring straps were developed especially for use by plaster technicians. Users will be able to tell the size of a hook strap by its colour. GeniMedical’s colour-coded ring straps are made of woven polyamide, just like the regular ring straps. A longish loop strap is connected to a shorter hook strap by means of an ultrasonic joint. The end of the hook strap comes with an easy-peel hook, which means that the strap can be easily unfastened. By passing the hook strap through the buckle, then pressing the loop strap down on it, the straps can be reliably and securely fastened, and easily be adjusted


Product sizing
Product code Product name Size
GM902 Ring Strap Color 2 cm x 40 cm blue/blue
GM903 Ring Strap Color 2 cm x 50 cm blue/red
GM904 Ring Strap Color 2 cm x 60 cm blue/green
GM912 Ring Strap Color 5 cm x 40 cm blue/blue
GM913 Ring Strap Color 5 cm x 50 cm blue/red
GM914 Ring Strap Color 5 cm x 60 cm blue/green


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